New Addition – Reviews!

I must have had too much exposure to marketing copy, because the exclamation mark above came very naturally.

If you look at the menu, you’ll notice that ‘Articles’ (already pretty damn exciting) has become ‘Articles & Reviews’. This is because we’ve added exciting reviews to that section! How exciting! The first three exciting reviews are of restaurants we visited during our Big Adventure this month. What we review will be pretty much based on whim.

Note in the above that, despite the extraordinary excitingness of the information, I have at no point used multiple exclamation marks. This is because those are a sure sign of a diseased mind and practitioners of such will be the second up against the wall when the revolution comes. First up against the wall will be people who hyper-correct the plural of ‘process’ to sound like it’s Greek. It’s not Greek, it’s from the Latin procedere.  The Latin plural would be ‘processi‘, and you would sound exactly as dumb using that.

Noto bene: ‘Excitingness’ is not a real word. I use it here for effect, and to demonstrate the gorgeous flexibility of the English language, which doesn’t need people faux-Greeking their plurals all up in my grill to sound clever.

Also, ‘faux-Greeking’ is not a real word.

171 thoughts on “New Addition – Reviews!

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