Feedback Request

From: <>
Date: Tue, Jun 3, 2014 at 8:00 PM
Subject: A Feedback Request From

Dear HB,

We hope the product that we despatched a couple of weeks ago arrived safely and is being put to good use.

Corner Kitty Litter Box with Door

If you have a picture of your pet enjoying any of these products and you would be happy for us to feature it on our website* then please email it to  Please include a brief caption of 200 characters or less that we can use to title the picture.  We will notify you if we choose to use your picture (normally as a ‘supplementary image’ alongside the main product image).  Even if we don’t use your image, it really cheers us up in the office when we can see customers’ pets enjoying our products!

We thank you in anticipation.

Kind regards,

PetPlanet Customer Services


Dear Stuart,

Thank you for your interest in customer feedback and request for a picture of my pet enjoying the product we ordered, the Corner Kitty Litter Box with Door.

While the humans really like the fact that the litter box fits neatly under the counter in a corner of our utility room, Pooks is particularly pleased by the privacy afforded by the handy swinging door.

Pooks is also delighted to share with you a photo of himself enjoying the litter box, as you requested. However, for privacy concerns, he would request that if you feature this photo on your website, you do not use his name; he’s a bit shy about that kind of public exposure of his toilet habits.

for petplanet

I do hope that this email cheers up your office. It certainly cheered up mine.

Best wishes,