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Apparently, wanderlust doesn’t end when you stop cruising.  But it might become settlelust after a while.

HB and Pip dancing

Eight years ago, we (that would be HB and Pip for the newbs out there) began prepping for our dream of dropping out of the rat race and sailing the world.  In 2010, we did it – and two years later, after circumnavigating the Caribbean, we moved on to new adventures in SE Asia, leaving the sailing life behind.  In 2014, we started yet another new adventure in West Kensington, London, hoping finally to settle down again (for at least a few years!).

There’s lots of good stuff back in the archives, though, for anyone thinking of chasing the cruising dream themselves — all 8 years of planning, getting a starter boat, buying the cruising boat and refitting it, financing the trip, and details of our adventures on the East Coast, in the Caribbean, and in Thailand and other SE Asian countries.

What’s this Pretensington thing? Isn’t this Picaroonblog?

When we moved to London, the last place we expected to live was in Kensington; waaayyy too posh for a couple of grubby sailors like us.  And here we are . . . in West Kensington.  Which is technically in Hammersmith and Fulham Borough, on the other side of the tracks from Kensington proper, so no matter how much it strives to be Kensington, it’ll always be Pretensington to us.





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