I added a map with a pin in it for people who don’t know their geography too well. Click the “Where Are We” link in the top bar.

I tried to use something called Blurbbits, which looked promising, but holy 90’s it was impossible. After several hours of reading the piles of crap documentation and still not finding out how to actually use it (I worked for years in the high tech industry: I’m not completely technologically illiterate), I quit and went for a nice simple WP plugin.

Site Mods

COMMENT spam was starting to get annoying, so I have installed a reCAPTCHA gatekeeper. Comments are no longer held for moderation, but you will have to enter the words in the reCAPTCHA box.

For those of you who didn’t know already, every time you resolve a reCAPTCHA word, you are helping to digitize the world’s literature. One of the two words in the box is a word that could not be read by a robot, so they send it out to you guys to solve. I like this because it shows that we still have a few years left before the machines overthrow their human overlords.

Read about reCAPTCHA here.

I also put a ‘Buy us a beer!’ button in the right-hand margin. This links to HB’s Paypal account, where you can make a small (or, y’know, large) donation to our sailing fund. HB says that this will work and that it’s ‘genius’, but I remain skeptical.

New Site

PICAROON Blog has moved from its increasingly frustrating home at Webs to this new custom WordPress site. I will try to migrate the archives over here, but until then, you can read them here.

Long Time, No See

THIS feels a bit like going to confession after a long time. Or would, if I’d ever been to confession. Y’know: not being catholic and all.

Yes, it has been a long time (eight months!) since our last post. The reason for that is twofold:

Firstly, we haven’t done much boaty stuff since summer. In part, that was because HB was doing her yoga teacher training, which ate up a lot of weekends.

Secondly, I got really tired of doing all the posts – so laziness, really.

Anyway, we are back; it’s Spring; and new adventures await, so you should be getting a bit more activity on this site again.

New Video Review

NETFLIX now has a decent selection of sailing documentaries.The first one we watched was the confusingly titled The Annapolis Book of Seamanship: Vol. 1: Cruising Under Sail.

I just posted a review of it in the fabulous, slowly expanding, Articles & Reviews section.

Ever Wonder About Our Boat?

PHILIP added a brief, albeit humorous, description of our boat (including its illustrious 27-year history) in the menu, worth reading if only for a giggle.  Golly, he makes me laugh.

We’ll be adding a bit about our dinghy, Goblin, shortly.

New Addition – Reviews!

I must have had too much exposure to marketing copy, because the exclamation mark above came very naturally.

If you look at the menu, you’ll notice that ‘Articles’ (already pretty damn exciting) has become ‘Articles & Reviews’. This is because we’ve added exciting reviews to that section! How exciting! The first three exciting reviews are of restaurants we visited during our Big Adventure this month. What we review will be pretty much based on whim.

Note in the above that, despite the extraordinary excitingness of the information, I have at no point used multiple exclamation marks. This is because those are a sure sign of a diseased mind and practitioners of such will be the second up against the wall when the revolution comes. First up against the wall will be people who hyper-correct the plural of ‘process’ to sound like it’s Greek. It’s not Greek, it’s from the Latin procedere.  The Latin plural would be ‘processi‘, and you would sound exactly as dumb using that.

Noto bene: ‘Excitingness’ is not a real word. I use it here for effect, and to demonstrate the gorgeous flexibility of the English language, which doesn’t need people faux-Greeking their plurals all up in my grill to sound clever.

Also, ‘faux-Greeking’ is not a real word.