YOU may have noticed that we have a reviews section of our blog. This isn’t exactly Zagat, but we will  continue to do them every time we have an interesting experience, good or bad. A few years ago, we visited the Robert Morris Inn, had a pretty monstrous experience, and panned it on this ‘ere blog.

We were contacted recently by the new owners of the Robert Morris Inn asking if the review was current and if so, how they could address our complaints. This is awesome because any restauranteur who cares enough to contact a random blog about a bad review clearly really cares about their business. Caring about your business is a Good Sign.

So, in the interest of justice: if you are in Oxford, Md and want to eat, go to the Robert Morris Inn and try it. It’s not the same place we panned, and they care. If it isn’t up to snuff, tell them, and tell them why. If it’s awesome, tell us and we’ll publish your review.

[Our old review is probably still on Google because they take a while to catch up]

Review: The YB Eat Place, Cape May, NJ



We rarely eat out.  I love to cook, and on a limited budget, there are few places we can afford that have food good enough to merit spending money.  Yes, there are great restaurants out there, ones whose chefs are far more talented than me, but they tend to cost a lot more than we’re able to spend.  Those within our budget, well, rarely make the grade.

The YB Eat Place, located on the beachfront near Ocean Avenue in Cape May, was the exception to this loose rule.  We were wandering around town, looking for a place to grab some lunch, appalled at the proliferation of mundane eateries with boring sandwiches in the $10 range.  So when we stumbled across this small ocean-front cafe, with interesting-looking food in the $7-$8 range, we decided to give it a go. Good decision.

Philip had an amazing burger, topped with caramelized onions enhanced by what seemed to be Madeira or Marsala, sharp cheddar and a piquant mayonaisse on a brioche bun, accompanied by duck-fat fries.  A heart-attack on a plate, but mighty tasty.  It was the best burger he’d had in years, maybe ever.  I ordered the swordfish BLT:  moist, tender swordfish topped with thick bacon cooked to perfection, ripe tomato, lettuce and avocado mayonnaise, served on sourdough grilled with freshly-grated asiago cheese.  Delightful!  We oohed and aaahed our way throughout the meal, truly stunned by the quality of and attention given to the food’s flavors.

The cafe was delightfully simple in decor, with pale blue walls setting off sleek black tables.  A handful of good photographs of the Cape May beachfront were the only decoration.  We were highly amused by the choice of music: crooner big-band renditions of modern music, including Smells Like Teen Spirit and Paradise City.

The only negative of the whole experience was the wait staff: though our waiter was adorable (So young: he rolled his eyes at the music, saying it was his boss’ mix, and seemingly unamused by its inherent contradictions; I realized he probably wasn’t born when Nirvana’s hit came out, which made me feel really, really old.), he wasn’t terribly attentive.  Basically, the four teenage wait staff paid far more attention to their cell phones and friends dropping in from the beach than their customers: I struggled to flag down one of them for a refill on my water.

That said, we’d definitely go back and recommend the place to others — something I rarely say about a restaurant.